FIRST STEPS STORIES – Beating personal Bests

I was planning to share this video with my closed group only, however I felt this post would be very informative to people who have never trained with us before and might be thinking of starting one day. (its never too late)

Look at your fitness journey with us as an investment. Investment into you and your health!

Read Jess’s email below!


Hi Tom,

I just wanted to say a quick thank you.

Recently i’ve been getting back on the fitness track. As you know i wanted to run faster. So i really thought back to the type of exercises you had me doing and found classes at my gym that picked up on those principles (though not as good as you of course!). I also decided to stop running so much and focus on strength and fitness instead as you encouraged.

Well. I just beat my PB for 5k by the best part of a minute. No exaggeration. That PB has stuck around for nearly 10 years i just couldn’t get past it. Not only that but I recovered well and my body feels good the next day.

I cant afford to personally train with you – but i did want you to know that the good things you talk about get heard and have a positive effect even when you’re not there.

Hope all is going well with the business!

Best regards,


Its amazing to hear feedback like this from clients. It really makes all the hard work I put in, worthwhile.

If anyone else has any feedback it would be amazing to share and inspire other people!

Please leave me some feedback on my google page if you are enjoying training with us.