The last 4 minutes – punching bag work

Holiday should always include training and exercising. I know it is great to chill and put everything on hold once in a while but your fitness and training will be much harder to get back into if you break routine!

Relaxing is especially better after training as it feels more rewarding and you don’t have to feel guilty when splurging on food!

Plus you have the benefit of being in some amazing surroundings!! Make the most of your holiday by going on an excursion, trekking up some mountainous areas or a run on the beach! Lots of hotels have the luxury of gyms with weights so there is really no excuse and you will feel amazing for doing it.

I travelled 1,217 miles to my home in Hungary for a holiday! Whilst I was there, I did some boxing training at Szeged box club. Its a great place that I used to train in, with lovely people and an amazing boxing coach!

I recorded the whole session which was 2 hours long and am planning to share some of the moments with you – so watch this space.

The last 4 minutes with your partner is simple, one of you holding the punch bag in angle and the other executing a 10 sec fast combination without stopping.

This is a great little end to your workouts!! Give it a try.

The whole session was conditioning and combination practice with no sparring – so worth it.

Enjoy the video and please get in touch if you would like to book a trial session with us. You’ll never know your potential as a boxer until you give it a go.