FIRST STEPS STORIES – Stabilizing your collar bone

I might be a personal trainer who’s priorities concern things like getting you fit, loosing weight or toning… but with that comes a huge responsibility.

I ensured during my PT training that I worked hard to acquire a vast knowledge of how the bones and muscles work in harmony within the body. I then apply this knowledge in the initial assessment provided when you book your £25 trail session with me.

Our assessment is not about how fast you can row or how heavy can you lift etc. Our fitness assessment is about how you move, your ability to move well, your body awareness and your execution of simple exercises up towards more complex exercises.

Without this knowledge I would not be able to ensure my clients were training safely and efficiently. I care about the well being of my clients. A lot of ‘fashionable’ personal trainers these days are looking for quick results without taking time to consult with their clients properly and recognise underlying issues that will affect the way they work out and carry out everyday tasks.

FIRST STEPS STORIES – First steps clients take towards fitness goals

We recently signed up a new personal training client with the mission of toning and getting stronger and fitter.

We went ahead with the initial assessments when I something wasn’t right, especially when watching my client execute a press up or ‘push up’.

I could see my clients collar bone popping out (take note at 5:40sec on the video). Some people are aware, they have hypermobility while others don’t.

This could create a very serious injury if my client was to accidentally lift something too heavy or strain her collar bone.

The sternum and the collarbone ligament around the joint is pretty lose as the muscles are not supporting it.

With correct the strengthening workouts and physiotherapy that I will recommend, I will be able to correct this unstable collar bone and fulfil my clients goals of becoming stronger, fitter and more toned!

I was inspired to make this video as part of a ‘rehab video collection’ regarding unstabilized collar bones to educate people.

Your collar bone doesn’t have to be broken for it to be an injury! If you google, ‘unstabilized collar bones’ there’s not really any information which surprised me! Most of the videos and photos about broken collar bones.

Check out the video below for an incite to my clients session and some safe exercises tailored to suit her.

To re-cap, I know most people are looking for a personal trainer for achieving a specific goal, however if something is not right the personal goal has to be secondary to avoid injuries and pain in the future.

If you have an injury that you’re worried about or maybe you feel something isn’t quite right during workouts and want a professional to guide you through your training, get in contact with me by clicking the button below.