Body weight park workout

As I’m sure you are all aware, if you’re not practicing something, you can easily forget it. In terms of fitness, I did not give up and I got to where i want to be.

I’ve put together a simple workout that you can easily follow.

Get back to me with some feedback of how it went!

Phase 1

  • Chin ups 5X8 overhand
  • Dips 5X8

Phase 2

  • Chin ups 5X8 underhand
  • Dips with forced head forward 5X8 (posterior chain engagement)

Phase 3

  • Swing muscle up – repeat as long as I was getting it twice
  • Dip with leg forward 5X8

Phase 4

  • Supported Dips
  • Chin ups with legs high
  • Dips and leg raise

Give yourself some nice brakes in-between!

Never stop and don’t give up – LIFT ME UP


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