Kickboxing training at Szeged – My old club

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve checked out my previous punching bag training video.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out my boxing video and would like to check it out, I’ll put the link on the bottom of the page for you!

More recently, whilst i’ve been away, I have been training in my old club, Combat “D” SC in Szeged in Hungary! Today I am sharing a video of me in action at this club!

Below is our clubs symbol. I have got to know lots of you very well and I think it is nice to share a little bit of my history with you guys and give you the opportunity to see what I get up to whilst i’m away!

As usual, I recorded the whole Kickboxing session that was filmed whilst I was at my old club. I have edited it down to the highlights to save you guys some time! As you can see at the end of the video I am a little worn out, but it was a really good session and I was glad to be back training in an old environment with some new skills!

After a warm up and some shadow boxing type of drills, get partnered up with someone and practise some counter-attacks toward kicks and punches.

It was a light execution but focuses on speed and accuracy. We have been doing some light sparring and conditioning towards the end.

In the video above you will see the 2 minutes punching bag workout which I find pretty difficult to go ‘full on’ as we did some HIIT speed drills for kicks and punches.