Our Summer with 4 Core Fitness

I am sad to say, our summer is over soon.

My holiday in Hungary was pretty busy recording about 120 medicine ball exercises with two girls and two boys!

It rained for the first day during my holiday when I spent the day with the boys. One of them is a boxer with over 6 years experience and the other is a wrestler with 8 years experience.

I must say, these guys are top athletes but the 4 core fitness training system moves different muscles and most of the moves are whole body movements. This is where you need to start integrating different muscle groups for one purpose – staying stable with a nice posture.

You can see in the video the boys were pretty stiff. Amazingly, they struggled with full range of movements.

Feedback from the session – the boys said that they’ve never done anything like this before! but felt as through they needed to do something like the 4 core fitness training system to accommodate complex and more dynamic strength.

Something I pride my business on is that we ALWAYS stretch out after a session. I think that stretching these days isn’t ‘trendy’. I am very surprised and disappointed by this. This new generation of personal trainers have no understanding of the benefits of stretching and have no idea how to stretch someone.

Without stretching our force production will be very limited.

Science lesson

Let put this into context. Naim Süleymanoğlu A.K.A ‘the pocket Hercules’ (amazing weightlifter with small stature) is a Turkish and Olympic weightlifting champion.

Naim is famous for the following reasons – 

1. He is the first and only weightlifter who snatched 2.5 times his body weight.

2. He is the  second of only seven lifters to clean and jerk three times his body weight.

3. He is the only weightlifter to clean and jerk 10 kilos more than triple his bodyweight.

Amazing!! A small guy with lots of power behind him.

Its summertime and the 1988 olympics has finally arrived! If Naim wants to continue to be a champ, he needs a full range of movement when he is competing. He can only achieve this by properly stretching after every session.

Full range of movement will give Naim the benefit of being able to accelerate through a longer muscle contraction.

I have no doubts of the benefits of full range. It is extremely likely that you will get injuries if you are limiting the force generation between the origin and the insertion of any muscle.

Of course… Naim set a record in the 1988 Summer Olympics by achieving a 190 kg in the clean and jerk. Well done to Naim!

As for the girls, they were doing very well! Some of the more complex exercises with more coordination involved was pretty tough for them. They both did aerobics but still the arm extension forward with a kick was challenging.

The most important thing for me was for me was to see how beneficial these exercises were for them and also to seeing them realise how much there was to learn from our our 4 core fitness training system.

The medicine ball is a great exercise tool The medicine ball is very much overlooked in the world of Crossfit and traditional machine based gym training.

With the medicine ball you can access and train muscles which you cant train with heavy lifting for sure.

The 4 core fitness training system is designed to teach people how to move and how to build a strong foundation toward lifting or doing more hardcore Crossfit training.

Most people have no body awareness or basic muscle sensation so I don’t wonder why so many beginners are getting back injuries, slipped discs or herniated discs.

Get ready to train harder but move well first!

I hope you enjoy this short video above. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.
You can book your trial session here if you interested to learn how to move and train more effectively.

All feedback is welcome, enjoy the rest of Summer.