Cool down – 10 second punching bag workout

Hello everyone, I am back from holiday.

After our 4 Core fitness class and the Thai Kickboxing fitness class, I asked our trainer Dominic if we could train again. Its been a long time since we bonded over some punching bags!

Back in Hungary, (where I am from) you can see in my previous fitness blog posts that I have been doing dome boxing and kickboxing training back in my old club!

Me and Dominic been practicing couple of the moves that I was learning whilst at home. It is so difficult to get the right stance in each discipline and requires practise.

Boxing stance and your footwork is different from the stance in Kickboxing and Thai kickboxing.

Interestingly, my coach told me that my boxing kicks are too similar to the Thai kicks and I’m not doing enough knee extension! Every day I am learning and refining my practise.

Anyway thats another blog post! Just wanted to catch up with you guys.

We finished this session with 10 X 10 sec punching bag workout which you will see in the video below.

I am constantly updating the blog so keep an eye out for more routines coming soon!

Did you like the look of the punchbag workout? If you’d like to have a trail boxing session in a group or privately, I can arrange this.

The sessions are really fun and it’s amazing too see how far so many of my clients have come since beginning.

Drop me a message if you’d like to discuss getting some personalised routines!