Bristol TV – The Lowdown – core training Bristol

Just a quick post about our TV recording today with The lowdown (made in Bristol TV).

I have been training with David at Eastville Park Bristol to give him some lessons about core training and how can he enhance his training to be more specific in running, especially longer distances like Half
marathon and full marathon.

David has an inspiring story about his recovery from his illness. I am not telling you more at this moment!

Jamie Lowe, the media presenter was really friendly and after started to talk about fitness we have been chatting a little bit of TV and editing. Have to say we have so much in common as in both profession visually you need to get things right!

Things have to look good on TV and when we exercise we need to have a good posture to represent the exercise well and have a better benefit the exercise instead of doing it with rubbish technique. Looks bad anyway if our extremities are all around the place.

Would you watch a movie or short film with poor editing? I would not.

David’s prepping for #GreatBristolHalf & @ProTomFitness gave him a training sesh.
Hear his story on #LowdownBristol

— Jamie Lowe (@JamieloweTV) September 1, 2016

My plan was to give David some basics and understanding about core training, and core fitness. The subject is pretty vast and core training is not only about muscles, movements, movements, strength and range of movement but also the neurological side of things, and the ability to engage a muscle in the right time at the right moment.

We used: resistance tubes, ladder, medicine ball and kettlebell

I will post more ideas and more information  when I have the full video embedded in our fitness blog.