Working out alongside work!

Most of our clients are busy people and struggle to find time for training. Does this sound familiar?

So, what would be the solution for this problem? – Working out whilst working. The solution is here.

Most of us are spending a ridiculous amount of time sitting at our computers working. (a little like myself right now)

I’ve tried and tested this workout at work method with existing clients and am pleased to say that the feedback was very positive.


Set up a timer on the computer screen or buy an interval trainer.


Choose from the following exercise tools:

hese tools can be used for regular workouts at home or in the office!
These tools are also very compact and do not occupy much space. You’ll be delighted at home. You won’t need venture to your garage in search for space. As for work, you wont need to leave the office.

You will set everything up just next to your desk!

Now we are ready to train.

Set your timer to 2:30sec. Every time you hear the beep, stop typing or doing what you are doing. (running over couple of seconds is ok!)

Execute one set of any chosen exercise.

Choose between 12, 16, or 20 reps. Or – go with the timer, totally up to you.

Repeat the whole process 3 or 4 times. Then – change the exercise and keep going!

You will be amazed how much training you can fit in alongside your working duties.

Do not forget. You still need to plan.

It is unhealthy to overwork the same muscle groups. You must plan to equally work out muscle groups so that you have a varied workout and in turn the workouts will stay interesting and your body will have a good stimuli.

You need to plan which exercise, what muscle group and how can you get some variations to make sure you not going to get bored and your body still having a good stimulus.

If you need any help tailoring these exercises, feel free to get in touch with us!

We are here to help busy people, save time and achieve their fitness goals.