Injury free running information


Are you, your friends or relatives, runners?

This post is focusing on running – inspired by a show on Bristol TV called, ‘The Lowdown’, Check out the full edition!

Maybe you are interested in learning how to train in the gym or at home, whilst avoiding injuries?

How about running on or off road and avoiding injuries?

I take a keen interest in my Health and fitness. I also care about the well being of my clients but am very aware that they lead busy lives and may not have time for TV. When I saw this TV show I thought I’d make note of 13 key ideas I felt were relevant to share and ultimately educate you guys.

Please watch the full video about David and his core training challenge with me on ‘The Lowdown’.

I bet you’ve never seen most of these exercises in running magazines or even online, ever before. Get access to these free videos and ask me and the team questions!

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