MMA fitness and kicking skills

Striking and kicking Combinations for Martial artists

I teach in a way where we play with different combinations of punches and kicks so that the routines stay fun and you stay focused.

You become loose, fluid and flexible whilst without consciously recognising that you are training your body to build up speed, power and good tempo!

Accuracy is a key element of getting our skills to the next level. I like to focus my classes on keeping you active without relying on machinery. Many gyms are dependant on this machinery and I feel that if you are using this equipment you should use it more as an aid when and if necessary.

Are you a gym user and feel you’re not achieving your goals in that environment? Why don’t you try our style of exercising here, at ProTom fitness. Feel the satisfaction of a good workout using, for example, core strength and stability exercises. We work on these exercises during our group MMA sessions or private PT sessions. (something i’ll cover in my blog posts soon)

We offer a £20 trial personal training session (with a money back guarantee) for those who’d like to experience what a one on one session is like with one of our amazing trainers and either continue or begin their journey to a fuller and healthier life.

My client in the video above is not a beginner but all of us need to start somewhere and he never would of got this far if he didn’t attend his first session as a beginner.

If you’d like some more information about our group personal training for MMA or 1 on 1 personal training sessions please click below!