Burn fat and tone your legs just in time for Summer!

Here are a collection of leg exercises ranging from easy to complex. All these plyometrics are pretty useful for toning and get your legs stronger.

The key is the stretch reflex which is happening in your calf muscles. Please try to make sure you’re not hitting the floor with your heels, otherwise you will need to engage your muscles again instead of having the benefit of the stretch reflex.

Exercise 1

Stand on, split jump off Right step, stand split jump off Left step, 20 sec loop on this video, just hit the link below for real time access.

Exercise 2

Stand split jump off to single leg landing right and single leg hop on the box back to split land on opposite leg. You stand with both feet on the box when you start. This video is 40 sec.

Exercise 3

Start in twos and down to singles, this plyometrics box jump exercise is more complex and will need two boxes. Starting position is from the floor. 2 splits 180 degree jump to one splits 180 back and two splits again.

Continuing will be forward jump and back to the box and split, jump and turn 180 to the opposite direction and back. Up forward and jump back to the box again. Video is 20 sec.

You could put the routine together by yourself or get access to the full routine online.

Heres how to plan your own training.

  • All 3 exercises in 20 Sec or continues up to 3 sets each = 3 minutes routine with 30 Sec brake and repeat
  • 20 sec work 10 sec brake traditional Tabata, High intensity interval training but instead of 8 Sets, just go for 9 sets = 4 minutes and 30 sec long exercise routine.
  • Exercise 1 – 20 sec, Exercise 2 – 40 sec, Exercise 3 – 20 sec (10 sec brake between) – 3-6 Sets = 5 minutes and 30 minutes routine

Depending on your personal goal, you can design the end of this routine making it more hardcore! If you need any help with the design, please feel free to get in touch!