We are opening a private Gym in Clifton!

After 8 years of training and looking after our clients in private and public gyms around Bristol, we are pleased to announce the opening our own gym in January 2017.

We are so excited and would like to share our gym opening journey. You can be part of the transformation of our new venue and learn more about our activities on facebook or by simply visiting our blog in a regular basis!

Please like our page, comment and share and in exchange, we will be opening up 20 spaces for a discounted membership on boxing day including unlimited access through January.

These spaces will be also offered to our subscribers!

Opening our new fitness centre close to Clifton Village and Whiteladies Road will be a big game changer. Not only for the team, but also for me.

There will be no lost time between sessions. I will be able to spend more time creating my fitness content and videos. I have been recording exercises and creating programmes for over 8 years now! I have even recorded footage from places which have already shut down or their buildings no longer exist.

It is very strange to look back and see how many people were trained and educated by us.

I hope those of you who are reading this feel excited. ProTom Fitness never would of got this far without the support from you. This is our journey together. Please keep following our journey and enjoy the future content from our website!

Thanks for watching and please share the good news.

Tom Lakos
ProTom Fitness