Thai Kickboxing *group training* in Bristol city centre

I’d like to share an example of our personal training in a group environment! This session was recorded on Tuesday 24th January 2017 in our Bristol City centre gym!

In this class we welcomed 5 beginners (well done to those taking that first step) and 4 people with martial art experience. It is brilliant to see a large number of women showing continuous commitment by turning up to our sessions and working hard!

Girls that train with ProTom Fitness are re-defining ideas on what it is to ‘punch like a girl’. There was some really good combinations showing power and co-ordination in the session on Tuesday! We pride ourselves in the personal touches and high quality care we provide during our sessions. We hope you notice this!

We not only train, we educate. Learning about how to take care of your body is a great investment to make because it gives back in the future. Many of our clients, male and female, have noticed differences in their posture, reactions, mental well-being and weight once they have begun regularly training with us. The knowledge we teach gives you a brilliant platform to grow your skills within the world of martial arts!

There is so much to learn and its an amazing experience seeing your body change alongside learning how to execute routines and movements. Whilst we are continuously learning new routines, it is always important to remember the basics such as core strength and stability. (something previously covered in my blog posts not long ago) These base lessons are imperative to exercising properly. Please take a look if you haven’t already!

Some Kickboxing relative basics that are covered in this video are, Stance, guard, how to load the punch, which ball of the foot pivoting, which side of the hips rotating, how far we rotate and the list goes on!

This video is essential for educating clients the best way possible. Learning is like continuous self

Watch the video and spot the following.

  1. stability
  2. Stance and floor work
  3. Rotation
  4. Where the punches executed from

Many of our beginners are dropping their hands on combinations, the glove should stay above the chin level except body punches and uppercuts.

Hips and full rotation or foot on the floor before kicking (any Kicks)

We can’t be perfect on our first try and practice is the key to success. Our clients are now aware of the key elements to martial arts training and because they have taken the time to learn, they can now practice in their own time at home.

The point to this post is that I would like to see new and existing clients start to take responsibility for their own personal development if they have not already. Learning does not stop when you leave school. I continuously learn everyday and sometimes, even my clients teach me a thing or two!

Not done learning?

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