Thai Kickboxing Fitness – Part 7

In this tutorial we are demonstrating the Front Kick (also known as a push kick or “Teep”) followed by Cross, Hook, Uppercut.

We covered some pointers for the front kick in our previous video but let’s break down the main aspects of the front kick. When performing the front kick you should push up on the ball of your posting foot, lift your knee to your ribs or chest and then extend your leg towards your target whilst pulling back the toes so you kick with the ball of the foot; you generate power by pivoting on the posting foot slightly and extending your hips through the kick. Once the kick has landed it is important that you don’t just drop your foot down and collapse forward, this will leave you in a vulnerable position where you are open to counters and not able to defend or attack effectively; you need to return your foot to its original position so you are properly balanced to throw another strike, defend a counter or change position.

To provide a partner for a front kick you should cover your front hip with you front glove and then cover your ribs with your rear glove, your partner should then kick to the glove which is covering your ribs. If your partner is shorter than you then bend your knees to bring the target to the correct height for them.

The second combination is Rear Uppercut, Hook, Cross, Front Roundhouse Kick, Front Inside Leg Kick.

Just like with the front kick it is important to put the foot back to where it came from after both kicks so you are in position to throw the next strike. After the front roundhouse kick you should put your foot back and rotate your hips towards the front leg to load the hips so you can generate power into your front inside leg kick.

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