You think you’re ready to take control?

A person addicted to smoking, drugs or even a toxic relationship is no different to a person who is addicted to an unhealthy life style.

Ultimately you can have the most amazing, supportive friends and family who will motivate you to reach your goals… but does this make any difference in the long run? Should you be relying on someone else to get what you want?

Maybe you’re more of a motivational book or quotes kind of person?

This so-called, ‘motivational strategy’ that you’re relying on will no doubt become inconsistent due to ever changing moods. Therefore becoming unreliable and making your goals unrealistic.

Why can’t you rely solely on yourself????

Listen up and make a change. Stop wasting your precious time on something that obviously isn’t working.

The deciding factor determining whether you change your ways depends on your level of discipline.

How bad do you want this? Are you going to accept what you need to do to in order to get it?

There is no ‘back seat’ to this journey. You simply succeed or you don’t.

I believe that motivation is a starting point. Everyone starts somewhere and change begins from motivation and encouragement. Just as a child leaves their parents and develops into an adult.

but as I’m sure you’re aware, development doesn’t stop at this point…

We must continue developing. This way we become independent and self-loving. Why should you depend on someone else for your happiness?

Decide now that you will be your biggest fan.

This will in turn influence others around you to do the same and promote a healthy, self-loving community leading to healthier relationships and goals reached more easily. Surely watching yourself develop and learn is motivation enough?

Why do we live in a society that relies on others to determine our self worth?

When you succeed in becoming disciplined, you will notice the benefits in all aspects of your life! Self control is a means of getting everything you require whilst thoroughly enjoying your life and pushing those negative ‘desires’ to the side.

So instead of continually asking your friends, partners or colleagues to motivate you with phrases such as, ‘the gym stars tomorrow’ or to ‘hide the biscuits’… why don’t you make a conscious decision to just say no more.

Stop wasting your time.

Be the person you aspire to be.

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Make 2017 the year that you become disciplined and self-loving.