Welcoming Flo

It’s easy to let yourself be so fooled by the needs of your mind, so much so that you forget the needs of your body.

For a long time I became so wrapped up in things that weren’t important. I continuously prayed I would become happy and healthy, yet never taking the actual steps towards making it happen.

Time was wasted using more energy thinking about how I’d achieve happiness rather than just cutting out the bad things in my life and starting the process.

I’d then compensate for my unhappiness by eating unhealthily, participating in toxic relationships and almost looking for more reasons to continue the negative cycle, resulting in reclusiveness and unhappiness.

Contrary to Popular Belief, You Can’t Choose to Be Happy. True happiness is earned and it won’t necessarily come quickly.

You attract the vibes you give off. Surround yourself with people who have the same ambition in life as you and feed off their energy. Apply this rule to all aspects of your life.

I think I’ve grown up more in the past 6 months then I have in years. Personal development is something that should be consistently happening. Ultimately, you aspire to be healthy, happy and loving towards yourself and fitness is the route you can take to achieve those things. Getting that ‘summer body’ is just a little bonus. Nothing looks as good as healthy feels.

I began training with Tom about 2 years ago. I contacted him for a consultation where he assessed my needs. I was in recovery from a severely broken leg (3 times to be exact)…

…and I wasn’t really sure that anyone could do anything for me in my condition… and i was right. No one could. It was up to me to learn self discipline. Something covered in one of our previous posts Self discipline is something I didn’t fully learn until recently (meaning I could have avoided lots of wasted time and money on worthless gym memberships I wasn’t going to take any notice of).

I was lucky to come across my trainer, Tom, who taught me the difference between working out and working out properly. He has vast knowledge of human anatomy down to his good education and genuine passion for sport and fitness, thus making him a perfectionist. Tom has an amazing work ethic and has set a very good example for me. Together we concentrated on re-gaining the strength in my legs with custom plans, then developing into more complex workouts and eventually starting to Thai Kick box.

I once had a love/hate relationship with Thai kick boxing. Its hard to love something you’re initially really bad at. With perseverance, I’ve got better and better and despite still having a long way to go, I’m throughly enjoying it! Even with Tom winding me up…

Alongside Personal training twice a week, I began Group PT. I developed relationships with my inspiring ETM (exercise to music) Trainer, Ildi and a mix of regularly attending men and women who all want the same things as me. In a world filled with competitiveness, seeing people encouraging each other in Group PT had a great impact on me. Following this example, I’m taking up the opportunity of becoming a motivational fitness writer for ProTomFitness and will hopefully be successful in shedding a little bit of light on the highs and lows of getting in control, getting fit and why it’s all worth it in the end.

I’ve now become happier, healthier, fitter and more focused then ever before. I am by no means in perfect shape. I still have a long way to go but I am looking forward to the journey. Its strange to imagine myself in any other head-space other then this. Getting fit really is a lifestyle rather then something you can dip in and out of and once you get over the initial first steps, it becomes addictive and enjoyable! (like anything)

I’ll be regularly updating this blog alongside Tom. We’ll be sharing lots of educational content and video progress of many ProTom Fitness clients!

If you’ve been looking for happiness in all the wrong places, maybe trying out a weekly class could boost your serotonin levels and get you on track to a more healthy, positive lifestyle!

Click the link below and find out about our Group PT, maybe i’ll see you there!!!