Shin guard recommendations for low kicks and martial arts

So many times I have been asked the question… “What type of shin guards you recommend?” and “can you recommend something which is not too expensive?”

The problem I have with the manufacturing industry is – brands are constantly changing names. When I recommend products to clients, the products are untraceable. There are often several different products with the same foundation of design but under 4-5 different brand names which can be very confusing.

Look the design below. VELO have recently changed branding design since I’ve written this article but one of our clients wore these shin pads during one of our Thai Kickboxing sessions and I can say with certainty they are effective and confortable.

Shin Guards

The new Velo design is shown below. It looks different and you can have a look at this product in more detail on amazon. This item is very different from the one above but it still does the job.

Red Shin Guards

If you have a bigger spending limit it will enable you to go for a better quality product. I recommend the middle category RDX Shin guard.

RDX Shin Guard

‘Top King’ brand is even better. This brand produces products that last a long time and features specific groves for your shins meaning that even fighting and training beginners in Thai kickboxing or kickboxing will be comfortable.

Most of the time, shin guards turn or spin around your shin when you receive an angled kick. When beginners start to low kick, the kicks are coming from weird angles and shin guards without these grooves for your shins will easily move/spin on your shin.

Top King Shin Guard

I looked some of the ‘Twins’ and ‘Windy’ brands but wasn’t impressed. The ‘Fairtex’ brand is great but I find the coverage in the top of the foot too short. I prefer when a shin guard covers my toes. If i kick towards someones head, I don’t want to have to worry that i’ll scratch their face with my toes.

Please message me with questions or advice with regards to shin pads. I’ve got a broad knowledge in this area and am always around for assistance.