Why I am a hard worker

The generic schooling system prioritises subjects like maths, english and science.

For someone with little passion for these subjects, it can be hard to feel connected and worthwhile in the outside world.

Tom’s last option was to develop through sport by joining a school focusing on physical education. Although, it took many attempts for him to be accepted into the first year of his course. The school favourited sporting professionals so Tom had little chance of getting a place in this school unless he worked extremely hard.

The rigourus workouts and somewhat unfair trails are a great reflection of everyday life and how hard it can be to succeed when the odds are against you and life keeps throwing you down.

Tom found himself in an environment that was essentially set up to make people in his position fail. The competition between himself and top sports-persons within the college left him with little chance of success. Tom knew his position in the college was hanging by a thread and he didn’t want to fall back by repeating.

I think that this is a good explanation as to why Tom works his clients hard and does’t like to take no as an answer. Experience shapes people and Tom learnt at a very young age that good things come to those who earn them. Life is unfair. That’s just the way it goes.

You can pay many trainers who will ‘sugar coat’ your routines and let you off with that last rep… but does that actually help you? No, It doesn’t.

Tom particularly enjoys training fitness professionals and those who he can see a spark in, because those people are serious about training and he can relate.

Having been in a position where he could of lost everything, Tom fought for his place in his school and then continued to fight to keep his place.

This is a little bit of inspiration for those who feel like they’ve had it tough recently or possibly a wake up call for those who feel like they doesn’t resonate with their trainer and are looking for someone who has worked hard to get to where they are and has genuine passion for their job.

For those who are wanting to get the maximum results out of their training with someone who knows their stuff about working out correctly and safely, it would be Tom of ProTom Fitness’s pleasure to help.

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