Cheep trainers vs. good quality trainers

These days, it feels like if things aren’t dramatic, they aren’t relevant.

You always hear of trainers who have had this dramatic weight loss of 4-5 stone and they decide to help people because they’ve been in their position before.

Tom’s story is a little different. Tom’s lost some weight in the past and hasn’t always been happy with his weight but that isn’t ProTom Fitness’s selling point or why we think you should train with us.

We train people well and move people well.

The fitness industry no longer focuses on training people properly with the correct anatomical knowledge that is necessary to ensure no injury and better results.

From day one, your trainer should be teaching you how to work out correctly, irrelevant of your size and level of fitness.

You may spend money on a cheep personal trainers and be thinking that you’ve got yourself a good deal but you’ll be spending x3 that amount on the physio that you’ll need once you hurt yourself.

Exercise is the easiest part of getting fit. The hard parts are eating healthily and the mental side of things (self discipline, motivation ect). Without these things, time will be wasted and results won’t happen. You have to be fully committed to getting fit.

It may be that you’re not ready and if so, don’t bother. How badly do you want to get fit? Thats what you need to ask yourself.