Learn from your mistakes – Boxing

Some of you may remember a previous blog post documenting my visit to my home, Hungary. I always get involved in sports and activities whilst back home and have made it my mission to make the most of my time away and learn new skills from other coaches and trainers.

I focus so much of my time on expanding my knowledge with hopes to improve my personal training sessions that I often forget to devote time to myself!

Although I dislike the monotone patterns in weight training and lifting, I will spend hours perfecting one move whilst practicing body weight moves, boxing or Thai kickboxing training. I do this in order to sync my muscles to fulfil the purpose of a punch.

It still amazes me how stability and balance combined with a good stance, massively contributes to creating power through tempo and other elements.

Below is a condensed video from a 60min training session. It’s still rather long but I’ve showcased all the highlites and best moves I was practicing whist away!

in the video I have purposely left clips of my trainer correcting and guiding me. Corrections are an extremely important way of learning and I would never pay for a trainer who doesn’t pay attention to me and my technique!

Back in Szeged, Hungary, I train with one of the best boxing coaches at Szeged Boxing Club with Laszlo Gal (Boxing facebook page) web: http://szegedboxclub.hu/

I hope I have inspired some people through this video! If you’d like to improve your technique, get a few tips or simply start from scratch, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in Bristol, UK.

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