1-2-3 Thai kickboxing fitness combination

This combination building up from 3 basic combinations towards a six element combination. Great to speed this drill up, however it is hard to keep the balance all the way through, especially in the end.

  • Jab, cross, front roundhouse kick
  • Cross, hook, rear roundhouse kick
  • Hook, cross, hook, cross, front roundhouse rear roundhouse kick

When you practice with your partner try to focus on moving around the Thai pad holder especially behind his or her back.

When you executed the first combination and finished the combination with your front roundhouse kick, say left leg, if left leg is your leading leg on your fighting stance. Finishing the kick step out on the right to place your self on the left side of the pad holder.

Execute the cross hook combination with the rear roundhouse kick and again step out to set your front hook to finish the routine with the 2 powerful kick in the end.

You need to imagine the first 2 combinations as a set up to your 3rd combination and finish with 2 heavy, and fast kicks .

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