A goal without a plan is just a wish

I am always very pleased to see people making the most of their lives by accomplishing goals! BRISTOL TV has featured an amazing fitness role model, Claire Tiley, who speaks about her mental and physical preparation for a 10K run. Claire put in a lot of work to be able to accomplish an achievement such as this!

I was asked by Bristol TV to showcase a selection of exercises suitable for someone training in a 10K race. A strong base gives a solid foundation for a healthy and fit body. All movements we make, walking, running, lifting or climbing come from our core area. Your body needs to behave like a well oiled machine. Seeing as your core is the one connection between all of your limbs, it makes sense that if it’s working at optimum level – the rest of your body will too!

Having a strong core can improve running posture and speed as well as strengthening your limbs!

Wondering how to train your core effectively?

Despite the technological advancements in gym equipment. I always use classic medicine ball training to strengthen the core. In the words of Dieter Rams, ‘Good design is as little design as possible.’ Medicine ball training dates back to Ancient Greek civilisations making this equipment one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning in the world. Whilst doing this I ensure that the spine and pelvis are supported during movement!

As you can see from the video, with a little guidance, Claire executed my medicine ball exercises very well. Doing exercises such as these are great additions to your running workout! A well informed trainer can mentor you on safe and effective delivery of these medicine ball exercises. At ProTom fitness we actually educate our clients so they feel confident enough to train independently!

Strategic planning will help you achieve your goals quickly. ProTom Fitness runs a specialised 8 week program giving you access to…

  • 1 weekly 4core fitness session.
  • 4 weeks access to our popular online training videos.
  • personalized gym/home core fitness plan.
  • Receive a medicine ball for free!!

We understand that factoring in extra time for something you don’t necessarily want to be doing is difficult. With some commitment, a routine and regular sessions with us, you’ll be able to turn every bad day into a good one.

Swap your coffee for a workout?

Maybe swap that cup of coffee in the morning for a 20 minute work out? Sounds daunting now but I can assure you, you’ll feel more awake and mentally more prepared for the day… Not to mention in the long run!

Speaking of long runs (pun intended)… have you ever considered doing a 10K race? Claire describes her journey as, ‘life changing’. At ProTom Fitness, we love to hear stories like this being celebrated. It resinates with us because our clients don’t depend on anyone but themselves. ProTom Fitness produces confident and happy people who feel like they can achieve anything!

Are you able to train independently and effectively? Have you ever felt that rush of endorphins after a workout?

ProTom Fitness can provide training regardless of injury, weight or schedule.

We have limited spaces available and are filling up quickly! Do not leave this till last minute.

Fit body, fit mind.

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