How I’m getting my fitness back on track!

Recently I’ve been finding it very difficult to motivate myself.

It’s extremely easy to find yourself overwhelmed by different commitments and luckily for me, many new opportunities.

I’ve recently moved to London to pursue some personal passions. I’ll be returning to Bristol very shortly to resume my training with Tom and I’m looking forward to getting back into a solid routine! I was working extremely hard between January and April, training three times a week and enthusiastically working towards my degree. I made the mistake of completely letting go of all of my commitments and deciding to travel after my deadlines. I had an amazing time and got the chance to see some beautiful places in the sun but I went for too long and lost track of something I hard worked very hard to achieve. Check out some of my pictures from my adventures below!

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we deserve a ‘break’ and that it will be good for us and our mental states! Realistically, a break shouldn’t involve disregarding all of the things that make you feel amazing on a day-to-day basis and I’ve learnt that the hard way.

I stopped training altogether. Within a few weeks of traveling around Asia, I fell and had a serious leg injury. I tore the ligaments in my good ankle (for those of you who’ve read some of my previous articles, I’m taking about the leg that I didn’t previously break). I’m not saying that if I had trained regularly, I wouldn’t have broken it… but with consistent exercise, my diet would have been better and my body would have been feeling in tip-top shape.

After my leg injury it was a downwards spiral. I very limited access to health care and there was absolutely no chance of me being able to train, let alone walk!

A family member falling ill cut my travels short and I returned to the UK. Returning home was difficult. As i’m sure we can all relate, I found myself being pulled in a million different directions (child minding, my job, university work, family time and friends) and I found little time to concentrate on things that would benefit my health. (Things I genuinely enjoy when I get the opportunity to do so like Yoga, weights and boxing.)

As I mentioned previously, I’m now in London and i’m working at an internship that is very demanding of my time. In terms of fitness, I sort of feel like I’m beginning from scratch again. My once defined muscles have now been replaced with fat. I’m certainly not looking as good in my clothes anymore and my confidence has taken a hit. Sound familiar?

My lack of motivation to train also reflects my diet. Whats the point in going to the gym if i’m not going to eat food that compliments my training?

For around 2 weeks I basked in negativity (and frappachinos) and i’m finally ready to pull myself out of it. The only person in control of my life is me and at this rate, i’ll find myself back in the unhealthy mental and physical state that I fought so hard to get out of.

I’m attending weight and yoga classes at a local gym until I can resume training with ProTom Fitness in Bristol. I’m regularly eating at meal times and have cut out a large proportion of sugar from my diet. I can honestly say that it’s been a lot easier then I thought it would and i’m finally feeling really, really good.

The positive impact has affected the quality of work I’m able to produce and the length of time I can concentrate. I’m able to make clear judgements and positively influence the people around me! (Even if i’m not getting home till 8pm every evening.)

I’ve realised that some of the best work I complete is done when i’m running on a little bit of adrenaline. Setting myself mini, realistic goals each day and making sure I actually have something to show for my time has given me the extra boost I’ve needed for quite some time.

My next post will be concerning some of the strange/dangerous experiences I’ve had at my local gym with hopes to shed some light on why it really is worth paying that extra bit of money for a quality personal instructor.

Thank you for reading and if you’re feeling inspired by my post, please give me some feed back! It’s easier to train when you know people are resonating with your story and sharing your struggles.

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