Body transformation success with changes

The following is a short story for you which I hope will help you to understand how perception works. We never see our complete selves. Some people try to comply to the worlds perception of you. Most of us even after achieving our personal goal, body transformation or business success, still think we are not good enough.

I say STOP!

Just think for one second, if I am not happy with myself, how will others see me as I would like to be seen?

A bigger problem yet is the opposite… What if you are already so close to fulfilling your desired dream, but you simply can’t see it! Do you need to slow down and recognise that you are doing a brilliant job?

If you don’t love yourself, people can’t love you back. Self love is imperrative. You attract the vibes you give off. If you look miserable, people will think you’re miserable and you will attract miserable people.

So, you must please yourself or please the world. Can you please both?

One of our clients spoke with me yesterday during her 4th week of training. She confessed how she felt
stuck because of a lack of weight loss and consequential lack of happiness.

I did not personally see this client for over 3 weeks. This client has been training with one of my trainers 3 times a week and following our online training videos. I made a decision to have a chat with her when I see her next.

I could not believe how much more toned she looked compared to the last time I trained her. I asked her, ‘can’t you see the result here? Never look at the scale. You may not be losing weight on the scale, but please look in the mirror! Your body is changing, can you not see the changes?’

We would all like to look better for to the world. Sometimes we are the last to see these changes. Body transformation is starts in the head. This means, keep positive and don’t worry if you can’t see your body changing! Keep pushing and keep doing what you have been doing.

It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body change (Not always)

It takes 8 weeks for your friends and family (or less)

It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world


If you need support and help with your diet and training, please don’t be shy and get in touch with us.

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