Redefine ‘punching like a girl’ with ProTom Fitness.

Female empowerment is very topical at the moment. Recent developments in gender equality have lead women to feel as powerful as ever!

Improve muscle definition, strength, empowerment, self defence skills, co-ordination and organ function by joining one of our energetic weekly sessions. You can book through MoveGB or through our online booking site for 1:1 or group training. Promoting social change has never been easier.

  1. Co-ordination and increased responce time.Growing up with bad co-ordination and balance can have severe effects on your confidence (I speak from experience). Practising quick and repetitive movements regularly under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable instructor will help to re-programme the brain and improve your cognitive perception-procession-responce ability. In time your brain will become more and more familiar with these processes meaning reaction time and reflexes will drastically improve. Sometimes you need to switch off to switch on.
  2. Cardiovascular system. Endurance is essential for any budding boxer. This quick calorie burning workout relies on breath. If you cannot breathe, you cannot fight. Strength and speed won’t save you! Fatigue can only be avoided with careful planning and a strong energy system. For guidance on putting together an effective cardio workout to compliment your boxing training, contact us through the link at the bottom of the page or try one of our 30 min, high intensity HIIT Quick Fit classes.
  3. Tones and defines. Boxing helps to sculpt every muscle. Each punch requires power from hips and legs alongside Constant hip rotations which effectively tone the core.
  4. Improved strength Technique is imperative to throwing a good punch. Visibly seeing your own strength put into action is a brilliant confidence booster and a visual representation of how far you have come. Being on the receiving end of a punch and recovering well is even more empowering! Our boxing sessions focus on high intensity cardio, technique and building power. Try it for yourself to explore your capabilities.
  5. Empowerment
  6. Gain personal power and emotional resilience by learning how to box. Learning something new in an unfamiliar environment is tough enough. Training a couple of times a week will boost your progress development and leave you feeling mentally and physically more empowered in no time.
  7. Self defence
  8. Knowing you have physical power is one of the best feelings possible. Being taught self defence in a controlled environment will help you to develop an understanding of your bodies limits. A well disciplined body can anticipate reactions within a threatening situation and avoid the ‘fight or flight’ jitters. Preparation is key.

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