Swiping up or shaping up? Athletics vs aesthetics.

One of the biggest problems within the fitness industry is ‘body ideals’. In reality, there should be no ‘ideal body’ because every person has a unique body shape and appearance. An athletic body has recently become the one of the most desirable body types in modern culture. Emphasising the function of your body over the presentation is a very body positive move for our society.

Sadly, problems arise through the use of social media when distorted imagery involving health, beauty and fitness is distributed to online users. For example, non-athletic models or celebrities posing in athletic advertising for clothing. How is the rest of the population supposed to compete against this one ideal form of beauty and health? Annoyingly, you don’t have to be athletic to look athletic. A modern take on gaining the perfect body includes awkward camera angles and disgustingly bright lighting. Regrettably, fresh air, a prolonged life span and a naturally healthy glow doesn’t appeal in the same way a digitally enhanced 6-pack and a fierce online presence does.

Despite this, todays post focuses on championing a naturally athletic body! The benefits of good health and exercise make noticeable differences in your over-all well being and happiness. Prior to getting fit, I had no understanding of how much my life would change! Aside from finally fitting into my size 10 clothing (that had been hidden in the attic for 5+ years) my confidence suddenly soared and I woke up feeling mentally strong and positive every. single. day. Of course, I face difficulties at times but my ability in managing these difficulties is significantly improved. Gaining control over my physical body helped me gain control over my emotional intelligence.

Getting fit is all about creating a map between your brain and your body. Part of this is learning to Identify, attend and manage particular emotions. Your training should always be a responce to your body and learning to move well largely depends on how in sync your body is within it’s environment.

Time spent attempting to look athletic in social media posts would be better spent improving your physical and mental capabilities. Future proofing the body is essential for those looking to keep their range of motion and mental health into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s +. Avoid weakened bones, high blood pressure, heart problems, back pain etc. through low intensity body weight and resistance training.

ProTom fitness provides PT and Group PT as well as links to 4Core Fitness training and online 4Core training to all ages regardless of your physical capabilities. One fitness industry myth states you have not trained hard enough until you are exhausted! This is simply untrue. Extreme stress on the body and your nervous system is difficult to recover from and unnecessary.

Another point to highlight is that stretching is underrated! Your mobility and flexibility depends on this vital workout element. Stretching offers you protection against injury by keeping your joints, muscles, cartilage and tendons relaxed.

Hopefully this post has encouraged you to pay close attention to your body, adapt your way of thinking and make decisions regarding your health and fitness with the future in mind. Whilst injury leaves many feeling defeated, ProTom fitness offers high-end services designed to strengthen and stabilise particular problem areas within the body.

Get in touch with the team now and realise your current and future potential!

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