Essential ‘His’ and ‘her’ wedding fitness programmes

ProTom fitness takes pride in designing training programmes specifically for ‘him’ and ‘her’. We have helped brides and grooms loose weight and tone up for their weddings for many years and understand that during this magical period, you ought to be looking and feeling incredible. Of course, this does require some graft on your part but you will enjoy the benefits of your toned body and new found confidence along the way and thereafter. Below is a review from Charlotte, a client that trained with us during her wedding period.

Our training methods are carefully designed to refresh and stretch muscles, improve flexibility, address any longstanding or new movement issues whilst giving an all-over fat busting workout.

Our service provides you with education as well as physical instruction, regardless of whether you are using our 1:1/group services or our sister companies, 4Core fitness’s online training platform. Training with us ensures you have no excuse not to train. You can access our services in many locations across Bristol or virtually – anywhere, anytime. Receiving support from a knowledgeable trainer has never been so easy as you prepare to start your new life together.

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Featured in the images above is Delly, a client of ours who trained with us to get fit for her wedding. Delly’s brilliant transformation progress was down to discipline, hard work and dedication to exercise and eating well.

Shown below is an article from a magazine we were featured in called, ‘Your Bristol & Somerset wedding’ The article was published in February 2018 by our fitness writer, Florence Kingham and focuses on how you can look your best on your wedding day.

beauty tips article

Do you have an event approaching? Would you like to learn exercise discipline and how to move well? ProTom fitness is always around to give advice and support.

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