Consistency is the key to accountability

275 new fitness facilities opened in the UK in 2018.

What a huge amount! With so much choice, it is essential you find the correct type of personal training for you in terms of –

  • Quality
  • Your ability to upkeep (price, level of training)
  • Location distance
  • Breadth and areas of knowledge

Without these key factors, it is very difficult to sustain your training at all.

I have been wondering how popular these 275 new gyms were… and if all the people who bough a membership initially still train regularly?

I don’t believe the percentage is particularly high. It’s probably a similar scenario to when people sign up to training programmes…

Why are people so inconsistent with fitness training?

A main selling point for gyms is the concept of freedom. – Training when you want, where you want and with whoever and whatever tools you want. But realistically, gym goers often struggle to create routine and balance within their workouts and therefore don’t reach their goals.

Other people buy fitness memberships/programmes/apps/plans on the grounds that they think it will make them feel better.

Why pay out sums of money to be able to say to your friends, family and partner- “Actually I gave it a go – I filled out the health form, I booked a session and I wanted make headway on improving my life, but (and once again, here it is, the BUT)… “I worked long hours this week already”, “it is too expensive”, “It looks too intense”, “I don’t have time to eat”, “I’m not sure I have the energy” etc.

A gym with a good marketing campaign can sell you a dream but it is up to you to make it a reality.

It should be the content and support supplied by a venue that sells – not whatever celebrity is promoting it.

We sample, buy and try until we move onto the next craze. When will it stop? And what is the solution?


You have the matching trainers and sweat band. – The membership has been purchased. – You planned to run to the gym at 6am… but no one is keeping you in check! Before long, you have lost interest in your goal and the methods of reaching it. Comfortably, you return to your life and act like it never happened.

So why not try something new – Swap easiness for effectiveness.

Gym memberships

Have you ever been hit by a huge membership cancellation fee at the gym? This happens because gyms literally need your money to run. An individual facility needs around X10 as many sign ups as it can physically hold to create profit. Why pay to support an environment that profits from your failure? Sounds like the worst incentive to get fit…

If the gym doesn’t believe in you, why bother?

So how about a personal solution…the key to consistency is staying accountable.

Stop making excuses! We all struggle to fit important tasks into our day but there is simply no excuse. Especially when exercise makes such a significant positive impact on your daily performance onto unrelated tasks such as focusing at work or getting, household chores done and staying calm and present.

So is accountability achieved?

  • Be specific – Why do you want to get fit? What is it you want to be doing to achieve fitness?
  • Highlight your goal – Make it impossible to ignore on a daily basis.
  • Be adaptable – Particularly annoyed or particularly pleased? Excellent excuse to train!
  • Do not work alone – A support system will ensure you have someone other than yourself to fall back on. Guidance from an expert in your goal ensures you make progress and learn valuable skills.

(The natural powers of teamwork)

This is why people are joining ProTom fitness

When our clients sign up with us, we hold them accountable.

In this way, they create concrete habits that ensure they keep their results.

We function on simplicity, education and bespoke personal training techniques. Your main requirement is to turn up and work hard.

A combination of mental focus, a balanced diet, keeping active and muscle strengthening and conditioning the keys to your success.

But it is up to you how many of these principles you take into account during your training.

Let us help you achieve incredible results through our 1:1 PT sessions and group kickboxing sessions held in multiple locations across Bristol!

Book your exercise sessions today

Not able to come to us? We can come to you. Book a 1:1 home visit with one of our specialised private trainers and improve your health from the comfort of your own home.

We remove the confusion and struggle of gym life by allocating you a knowledgeable fitness professional to assist you.

Even our sister company, 4Core fitness, has an accessible online training system that lets you manage your training plans ensuring you stay accountable. There is always a reliable face to converse with when you become one of our members. We are available to answer questions and provide tips and assistance when you need us most.

So if you are happy to be part of the 1 in 7 people with a gym membership hanging over your head… our discounted PT trial or discounted group kickboxing trial offers probably aren’t suited to you.

But if you’re serious about making positive change within your health and fitness, and you’ve not already signed up to our 1:1 PT trial offer, Click here so you can stop waisting valuable time and money on things that don’t get finished.

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