Valentine Fitness special

This year why not try something different for Valentine’s day? With the indulgence of Christmas still a recent memory, is the traditional box of chocolates and fancy meal in or out really necessary? At ProTom Fitness we provide a couples training package so you and your loved one can become fitter, healthier versions of yourselves together!

The health benefits of regular exercise are numerous and well documented, in short exercise will help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. We at ProTom Fitness believe that everyone should commit to regular exercise and it is our purpose to help our clients achieve this; our mission is to educate and motivate, we focus on form and correct technique and we are proud of our ability to train our clients without ever injuring them. We also believe you should enjoy your journey to fitness with us so why not bring your partner along to share the experience and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life together?

It is also worth mentioning that Valentine’s day falls at a perfect time of the year to shape up for the summer! With the January blues finally over and the days slowly starting to get longer summer will be here before we know it; February is the perfect time to commit to finally getting that beach body for the summer. We will provide training and nutrition plans to help you achieve this and with our body composition scanner we can track your progress every step of the way!

We are offering a discounted package for Valentines day so click the link below and use the discount code “Valentine19” to get 15% off! Remember the couple who trains together, stays together!

With this training package you are also receiving:

  • Free Body composition test on your first and last day (To measure your progress)
  • Tailored Home or Gym training plan
  • Free Medicine ball
  • 4 Weeks free access to our online training videos
  • Cook books
  • Cooking videos