Lose 1 stone competition

Recent bursts of sunny weather have got me thinking about summer…

Every year clients sign up with us in order to get into shape for their summer holidays. The issue is, this happens during April/May which leave us with very little time to achieve our clients desired results in the time frame available!

The reason we sign clients onto 3 month contracts is so they can actually achieve tangible results. – Unfortunately, training and eating well for a couple of weeks (or 21 days as is often promised in magazines such as Men’s Health) will never give you the results you want (unless you are already in fantastic shape!).

In 2019, Spring begins on 20th March and Summer on 21st June. So, for the next month we are running a competition…

Lose 1 stone during a 3 month PT membership with ProTom and we will return 25% of your membership fee back to you!

During your first 1:1 session we use a body composition scanner to measure elements of your fitness. I.e. Fat and muscle. In this way we create a clear idea of what you desire to cut, gain and maintain.

We repeat this process at the end of your 3 month membership to give an exact reading of how successful our programme was for you.

It’s that simple!

Save either £50, £95 or £135 depending on the membership of your choice.

weight loss competition

Don’t get us wrong, 3 months is a drop in the ocean compared to your whole life and we cannot promise a six pack beach-ready body. This takes many months and even years of dedication in your exercise plans and more importantly, your nutrition regime.

What we can promise you that by following our workouts and nutrition plans which we specifically tailor to you and your specific needs, you WILL achieve results and more importantly you will create exercise and healthy eating habits which WILL have a lasting effect on your overall life, not just for this summer but for many summers to come.

Enter our 1 stone challenge today and take the first steps towards a fitter and healthier version of you! Fill out our form below to get started.

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