How to train to do a proper push up

What does a proper push up mean? You don’t do push ups the way you do bench presses, most people do them the same way. 

We talk about functional and useful upper body chest strength which has a lot of triceps and core support!  Technically we call this a triceps push ups. So let’s see the common problems in the gym environment. 

A common mistake is to start to do the push up as a bench press where your elbows are sticking out. Another mistake, which about 80% of people do, is to drop their head forward and push their chin down to the sternum. The problem is not just about using the wrong supporting muscles but you can’t stabilize your shoulder blades. If all these things happen at the same time you are not strong enough to do a press up! To learn how you can progress toward a press up and other exercises, 4 Core fitness®‘s free training downloads page.

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