5 Tips to re-energise after Easter

Get sweaty

Sweat regulates our body temperature whilst we workout to ensure we stay cool. Endorphins are also released as we produce sweat and these endorphins act as natural painkillers. Sweating also removes impurities by opening up our pours and removing any clogged up dirt and rids your body of nasty holiday season toxins such as alcohol and salt. This is a great way of lowering your cholesterol! Get hot and bothered during your next workout.

Locate your nearest outdoor fitness stations.

Machines found at these stations are great for working and flexing any tight muscle, free of charge! You can find the locations of these stations on the Bristol Gov website.

Use natural resources.

Training in the sun is not only a great incentive to work out, it also provides your body with an essential dose of Vitamin D

medicine ball training outdoors

Let us call the shots.

ProTom fitness offers a simple and achievable way to get fit. Remove the added element of decision making from your fitness routine. Let a professional guide you whilst you solely focus on executing exercises correctly – with the correct form and balance.

Our trainers are available to hold any personal training sessions outdoors –  in a park or preferred location of your choice during periods of good weather. Contact us for details.

Stop breathing backwards.

Approximately. we breathe 18 times per minute, 1,080 times an hour and 25,920 times a day. Our lungs are responsible for exchanging Oxygen and Carbon dioxide which are vital to ensure our heart, brain and muscles perform well. Essentially, an outdoor workout ensures you stay functional. Keeping a steady breath in through the nose and out through the mouth can help us to excel in every exercise. Your stomach should expand to breathe in – and retract to breathe out. It may sound simple but I have noticed among friends and family that people do not breathe properly. Women in particular have been conditioned to suck in when they breathe in. This is something to be aware of. The key to understanding your body is controlling your breathing.

Before you go… download these free workouts!

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Complete nutrition guide book

I couldn’t advise NOW as a more appropriate time to start indulging in extra clean eating and hardcore HIIT. The time for binging and boozing has now passed. Put the Easter eggs down and restore hope to the most critical areas of your life such as your workout or diet habits. There is no better feeling than waking up feeling alive and fearless.

Develop an obsession with discipline and you will never feel lost.

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