The deadlift is a classic exercise that engages so many crucial muscles (Glutei, Hamstrings, the core, Lats and shoulders). 

Wincing at people attempting exercises incorrectly throughout my time doing Personal training in Bristol is not only distracting, it is quite honestly scary.

With incorrect form it is impossible to execute any exercise the right way.

I believe that this is the No.1 reason a knowledgable trainer or fitness coach with expertise and experience in the appropriate fields, is necessary. Finding an attentive PT can be challenging but it is worthwhile.

  1. Ensure the centre of your feet are directly under the barbell. 
  2. With shoulder width grip, bend and grab the bar.
  3. Keep your back straight and chest lifted as you slightly bend your knees and push your bum out until your shins make contact with the bar. 
  4. Return to standing with the weight and hold it with locked knees and hips. 
  5. Return the weight to the ground by moving your hips back whilst your legs are bent. 
  6. Rest and repeat. 

Remember to:

  • Keep your lower back neutral – curving it puts pressure on the disks in your spine. Make sure you avoid any curvature by not looking in the mirror! 
  • Don’t over-bend your knees. This exercise is different too squatting.
  • BREATHE into each movement. 

Breathing into an exercise is so important. It will alter your performance significantly. 

Check out some of our clients during fitness training attempting deadlifts under the watchful eye of our head trainer and company owner, Tom. Our trainers ensure each client goes through a recognition process where over-time they learn how and when to correct their own posture and positioning. This is a breakthrough moment and shows that they have developed body awareness.

For help perfecting the deadlift, try our group personal training sessions.

If you think you are executing a deadlift wrong or have any queries,