How train your bum the right way

There have been many body trends over the years with the most recent being the need for women (in particular) to have a big bum! They are obsessed and want to get it as big as possible.

They spend lots of time training their bum in isolation. The problem is if you train any muscle group in isolation and then stop training it, your muscle will waste away. And without the correct diet, fat could accumulate over the muscle making it sag very quickly. Training should always be maintainable.

At ProTom fitness we always try to think out of the box. Our training methods focus on combining all the commonly known bum exercises with more functional exercises . Combining exercises is essential to achieve a strong bum which is integrated into our contra lateral walking, running and general wellbeing!

The Best Glute Workout!

The exercise in the video above features a whole body workout and works all the accessory muscles while we really challenge the Glutes.

Generally, overall strength is always better than segmented or isolated strength.

Give this exercise a try or pop over for couple of sessions with the mace bell (also called the steel mace!) This is not an expensive tool and it is great for home workouts as well!

We can teach you how to move well whilst having fun 🙂