Discover a new workout tool

Since Tom (ProTom fitness’s head trainer) started to use the mace bell in training sessions, we have have had the most incredible feedback from our clients regarding their mobility and shoulder strength.

Tom says:

“It is not easy to teach it but when our clients master movements and connect different exercises together, time flies by like never before. A 1 hour personal training session sometimes feels like 10 min. Not only for the trainer, but for the client too!

The mace bell is so technical and so much fun! 

The core alongside the legs and arms are challenged to an extreme. When using the lighter steel mace ball, rotator cuff muscle stabilisation is essential to maintain good posture and aliment throughout the exercise! 

We always deliver functionality to our training sessions by using materials such as the medicine ball and the freeform board. (Not to mention some of the HIIT exercises we use!) Although, the tri-planar kettlebell training and mace bell training really is the future of strength and multiple muscle maintenance.

You must look further by making use of the many effective fitness tools out there! Your bodyweight alone can ensure you have a solid workout. Only executing deadlift back squats alongside consistent use of gym machinery will limit you further down on the road as you age! 

The team at ProTom Fitness wants to help you move toward a limitless view of how far your training can take you. The future of personal training lies within education and knowledge. We are continuously learning from our Personal training clients which leads us to invert new and unique exercises!

Bristol is now flooded with cheap membership training facilities and freshly qualified personal trainers thinking they know everything after a 5-6 week personal training qualification! They usually end up with a machine based approach meaning that further on down on the line, their personal training clients wont have received any actual education benefits from their trainer and they certainly won’t know/understand their body. Wonky hips, stiff extremities, overdeveloped muscle groups disconnected from the human skeleton will prison their body instead of freeing it up! 

If you wish to have a bright future within regards to your health and fitness journey, please pop along to one of our sessions and learn how to use the mace bell, kettlebells among other useful training devices!  

Ensure you learn from a professional who insists on correcting your posture until you execute exercises with good technique. This is essential to achieve your fitness goals effectively and without injuries.