The secret effect music therapy has on your workout

Enhance your workout just by listening to your favourite songs. Just ensure they run at different BPM’s (beats per minute)! In this way, they will influence a number of factors that change up how your body reacts to exercise.

Do you prefer listening solo or with your friends during a group workout?

Research shows that a beat with a good rhythm at the right tempo can help you move better. But how?

Relieve pain

Researchers revealed in 2019 that there is a casual link between the hormone Dopamine, musical pleasure and motivation!

This suggests listening to your favourite songs makes working out a little more bearable whilst the release of dopamine reduces the effects of any exercise induced pain… This could mean that you are able to endure a longer workout! There is further research suggesting that even just the anticipation of listening to pleasurable music induces the release of dopamine.

Synch up

Your brain is made up of many segments controlling different body processes. I would like to discuss a particular segment called the cerebellum which is the second largest part of the brain and can be located at the lower back of the head. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke explain that this segment control… Reflex actions, balance, rhythm and co-ordinating the movement of your skeleton and muscles.

The cerebellum is the part of the brain focused on creating helps to creating effortless, flowing and integrated movements when moving to music. It works together with other areas of the brain to respond to a beat.

Relax your heart

Harvard health states that studies have found that listening to music can help return your heart rate to ‘basseline’ levels quicker than without after physical exertion.

Relax your brain

Take your mind off the mental strain of working out. Distractions such as listening to music takes your mind off the physical strain of exercise. I found an interesting example of a time experiencing the ‘power’ of music has helped someone. A neurologist/author called Oliver Sacks spoke out about a time he injured his leg whilst mountain climbing and had no choice but too slowly slide himself  down a mountain slope with his elbows. In an interview he said: “Then I found the Volga Boatmen song going through my mind. I would make a big heave and a ho on each beat in the song. In this way, it seemed to me that I was being ‘music-ed’ down the mountain.”


There was a study in 2009 finding that basketball players who generally did not perform well in games under pressure performed significantly better during high pressure free-throw shooting if they were listening too catchy, upbeat music and lyrics (The actual song was Monty Python’s  “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

Decrease blood pressure

Depending on the tempo of the music you listen to you can increase or decrease your blood pressure.

Rid feelings of fatigue

Researches at Brunel University in London have carried out research suggesting that experiencing intense auditory stimuli whilst exercising actually activates a region of the brain that acts to suppress fatigue. Alongside this, the brain also acts to lessen the subjective perception of fatigue.

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