What are you aiming to achieve?

Is training someone for a specific goal harder or easier than training someone to lose weight?

I would say both are complicated but in my experience training athletes is harder. Their demand is more goal specific and they are always aiming for peak performance! 

In weight loss however the biggest issue is food and consistency with training. Eating clean and healthy and being consistent and driving yourself forward in training is a constant battle for most people, especially as significant results can take time. Training is easy, but training with good form and technique week after week is not easy! 

So this is how I see it. If you are looking for sport specific achievement we need to be really technical; but if you are looking for weight loss we still need to be technical for the sake of long term health benefits and improvement of your human kinetics! 

Unfortunately most people and even trainers compromise on technique in both groups! 

There are so many people who could save money on their physio and chiropractor etc bills if they get things right in the first place! 

I know that would be a catastrophic for both businesses. Do you think? 

Actually, I disagree!

We all still going to pick up some injuries but the big question is how much time you will lose from your training journey through recovery from a new or old injury! 

I have an injury and I struggle with this over 6 months now! Why? 

Why am I struggling with this even knowing so much about my body and the human anatomy?

Would you like to hear my answer?

My injury is called quervains tenosynovitis.

What are you trying to achieve?

Don’t forget all of us have weight issues so simply saying my goal is weight loss wont be good enough! Being fit and healthy is so much more the mere aesthetics.

Having skills and being able to perform in our day-to-day lives is far more important. Not to mention that we all come in different shapes through our genetic coding!

If you’d like help or advice, don’t be shy! Tell me what is your struggle?