Is this weight loss even possible?

Two sessions a week as well as stretching at home and after four weeks he has lost 8.4KG (1.3 stone)! Yes this is crazy and if you ask me it is pretty unhealthy (at least at face value), however Tom says he never felt better! 

When programming his sessions we had to play safe because he had so many injuries and problems from the past that beasting him was and is completely out of the question. However the session programming is fairly irrelevant compared with the most important aspect of this dramatic weight loss: 


Or to be precise- caloric balance!

In an inactive or moderately active lifestyle 10,000 calories/day is pretty bad, and it is not just the number that is bad… the other problem is where are these 10,000 calories coming from? In Tom’s case it was mostly alcohol and takeaways.

With Tom there is also another factor playing a part- his under-active thyroid. Unfortunately this is an issue we are seeing more and more these days and once you have a thyroid issue any weight loss/weight gain will also be siginifcanty affected by the medication prescribed to you by your doctor; once your hormones are out of sync it almost doesn’t matter how much you exercise, even with a good diet it is really hard to lose weight! 
So let’s look at this weight loss honestly:

He stopped drinking and smoking since we started our personal training package, he also cut out all the refined carbs and started taking his thyrocsin pills (thyroid medication). 

As we said before, this is an extreme and fairly drastic change considering the time period and for some people to lose this amount of body weight in such a short period of time can be dangerous. For example: fat in the body works as a container for harmful substances and particles etc. There are many cases when someone drops their body weight too quickly and these toxins can then be released into the blood stream resulting in illness. People can become badly ill and, due to the subsequent inactivity due to illness, start putting the weight back on! 
Healthy weight loss is up to 2KG per month which works out to about 1 stone over 3 months! This is why our training packages are 3 month enrollments, we want to see you achieve your goals but we want you to achieve them healthily!

As we already said before, everyone is different from one another and Tom’s weight loss, at least at face value, is extreme. But bear in mind all the factors that are at work- he went from consuming around 10,000 calories daily to a healthy amount (around 2,500), he started taking his thyroid medication, he started exercising twice a week and stretching regularly. When you take into account all these factors all it really took was Tom’s determination and belief in himself that allowed him to achieve results!

If you need any help or advice regarding your body transformation journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

As you can see he has lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle! He has also lowered his visceral fat (internal fat) sigificantly, anything over 12 is an excess level of visceral fat and below 12 is in the healthy range.

Body composition had a massive change as he has gone from 3 (Solidly Built- Large Frame Obese) to 6 (Standard Muscular- High Muscle and Average Body Fat). As you can see from the metabolic age (average age associated with the client’s metabolism), he has turned back time and gone from over fifty to being like a young adult again! Amazing!

If you need any help or advice regarding your body transformation journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!