The price of procrastination

We’ve all been there, finding any excuse, any distraction to avoid tackling the task at hand and then feel miserable about not achieving the results you want. We talked to Dom, he is one of our PTs and is very familiar with procrastination, this is what he said: “Procrastination is one of the biggest daily hurdles I have to overcome in my life, especially when it comes to working out! If I don’t work out I feel miserable but some days I will let anything and everything distract me from getting my work out in, and then wonder why I feel miserable!

What I find helps me avoid procrastination is setting clear goals and having a plan to keep myself motivated, knowing what I have to achieve every day keeps my motivation levels high.”
So whatever you do, don’t procrastinate and avoid an ill fate! If you need any help regarding your health and fitness, just send us a message.