Weight loss client of the month – Jack

Jack has trained with us for several years, however when he went travelling for 6 months he returned with more than just memories of a great trip, he also brought back an excessive amount of body fat! Jack had spent his travels eating and drinking his way across several countries so we really had our work cut out to get him back into shape! 

Since returning Jack has been one of our most dedicated clients, he really applied himself to a healthy lifestyle and in 3 months lost 1 stone! You can see his full results below but essentially he has lost 5% body fat and put on 2KG of muscle- what a great result!  He has achieved all this healthily by eating right and working out 3-4 times a week- no magic pill or starvation diet, just hard work and dedication! 

Because of this amazing dedication to his goals Jack is our latest client of the month! Congratulations!