3 years transformation of the Longwell Green personal training gym/studio

Three years ago we finally got our first ProTom Fitness-exclusive gym space at Longwell Green. We started with very little- just a couple of empty rooms, a few medicine balls and a bit of kickboxing kit. Over the years since then we have continued to add equipment that compliments the training we deliver for our clients.

We added martial arts matting. We added a punch bag and standing bag. We added a cable machine. We added kettlebells, dumbbells and various pieces of functional training equipment.

In the same way we train our clients (and ourselves), we have continued to transform and evolve our gym space; last weekend we completed the latest phase of gym transformation- we knocked through the wall which turned two small rooms into one large room! This means we have a lot more space to train and provides a lot more options for variations of our training methods! We are so happy with this change and we are so excited to train our clients and run group sessions in this “new” space!

Our journey is the same as our client journey. Our personal training is just get stronger as our client retention is around 80%. Our clients are invested in our knowledge and experience, and we invested in them to be able to give back more.

If you fancy a session with us at our old but new Longwell Green private gym send us a message! 


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