Training for the Salkantay trek

Salkantay trek

Letizia first visited us to try out our Thai Kickboxing group personal training and she quickly became a regular at our sessions. When she decided to trek to Machu Picchu she decided to try our Personal Training service to see if she could mitigate the back and knee pain she had experienced on previous treks.
After taking her through a movement assessment in her trial session Tom developed a plan to gear her sessions and home training towards  strengthening her core, glutes and legs as well as targeting the muscles around her thoracic spine. To achieve this he programmed a lot of unilateral movements using cable machine and steel mace exercises.

machu pichu

Letizia is a great client and always did her homework so she progressed quickly and went from strength to strength, when it came time for her trek she was fitter and stronger than ever before!
So how did she get on?

This is what she had to say:
“I did the Salkantay Trek, it is an alternative route to the Inca trail to reach Macchu Picchu. We walked 38 miles in 4 days and did a lot of ascending and descending. We started from 2,900m (9,515ft) and arrived up to 4,650m (15,200ft), on day two we went down by more than 1,500m (almost 5,000 ft!).

inca trail map

I usually have a lot of knee pain when descending but I had zero issues. Also I am not used to carrying much weight but I had no back issues because all of the core work we did. My endurance has never been great but I felt like something was different this time.We were a group of six but two people could not finish the trek because of joint or feet issues. I felt that my body was in shape and met the challenge well. I could have gone on for a few more days too!”

We are so happy with these results and we are so pleased for Letizia! She did all the hard work before the trek and it really paid off!

south american adventure trek

We train people for all kinds of reasons, so whether you have an event you need to prepare for, would like help and advice on injury recovery and prevention, just want to be fitter and healthier, or anything else fitness related we can help you!

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