The formula for success

You set the standard – Always set it high! 

Quality is the most important thing. 

Without high expectations you will never progress.

Most people are satisfied with good… 

Why fight to maintain good when you could strive for perfection! 

strive for perfection

Average effort leads to average outcomes.

This applies to every aspect of your life. 

Your relationships, your job, your home life, your lifestyle and your workout.

Extraordinary effort leads to extraordinary results. 

Are you afraid of disappointment? 

Embrace change. 

The choices you make reflect your ability.

Make choices that help you excel! 

Small modifications to your workout will significantly boost progress. 

Who you train with, the exercises you do, the weight you lift and the order of your exercises are all key factors of levelling up! 

…and please don’t under estimate the power of stretching. 

At ProTom fitness we design our own exercises – variation is so important. 

Our training methods are based around functionality and form. 

Before any other goal, you should aspire to move well. 

If anyone tells you otherwise… move on.

We have been helping people move well for over 10 years. 

Your biggest fear should be being in the same position as you were this time last year.

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