Retaining muscle mass: Explained

It is likely that from time-to-time you take breaks from fitness. 

Often, injuries or other elements of life get in the way! 

After a break it can be difficult to allocate time for training.

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How rapidly do we lose muscle after stopping exercise?

A couple of weeks without exercising can look and feel like forever! 

But that is not the case! 

The real reason your muscles may appear smaller is because of lack of glycogen in the blood.

Glycogen is created in the muscles when we exercise! 

But when we stop training, the glycogen and water storage in our muscles decreases. 

This will lead to muscle shrinkage. 

If you get back on track within a week or two, your muscles should respond and refill.

Ask yourself, “How quickly do I lose interest in exercise after a break?”

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a habit to dip in and out of. 

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Please consider how long you will break for. 

Keep your passion for fitness alive! 

The most effective way to make sense of exercise is to build it into your routine.

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