Fitness – the by-product of happiness.

We have confused our brains! 

Fitness is a mode of transport towards happiness. 

Aim to make choices a happy person makes. 

This will direct you towards health-postive choices. 

Fitness will become a by-product of happiness! 

Everything will fall into place. 

Stop getting ahead of yourself! 

You don’t want a ‘perfect body’ so you can ‘live an amazing life’ 

You want a happy mindset which enables you to make the most of life. 

Put mind over matter. 

Think like the person you desire to become. 

Let positive thought processes dictate your actions. 

If you do, i can assure you that your incredible body will last. 

Yau will find a much deeper connection to your new body and new life if you do it for a higher purpose. 

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