Reconnect your brain 🧠

Isn’t it incredible how certain tastes, smells and experiences can come back around as we get older. 

Often they take us back to certain moments in life.

A first meeting, a throwback to college or uni, a failure or success! 

It is fascinating how we can literally re-experience a moment that was once forgotten. 

Sometimes the re-lived experience feels so real

We get this sense of clarity.

Like we are actually there. 

brain hooked up to a charger

Our minds cannot differentiate between the moment actually happening or not.

Our minds are so powerful!  

There are a few studies showing that our bodies have the ability to respond to our thoughts as if a scenario actually happened. 

The concept is often over-looked in the field of neuroscience… 

It suggests that our bodies and brains developed together! 

Even though we identify them as two separate operations.

For example, researcher, Brian Clark at Ohio University carried out experiments on a humans ability to ‘think’ them-selves stronger. 

His research showed that patients who repetitively ‘thought’ about flexing their muscles has a muscle increase X2 compared to those who did not. 

I would like you to consider the impact of both exercising AND keeping mental focus. 

I have no doubt that the body and mind are intertwined. 

Imagine the POWER you could create by simply keeping your head in the game during workouts! 

To FEEL the burn, EXPERIENCE the rush and VISUALISE the results. 

Practise getting to know your body. 

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