The sweat on your forehead is a sign of your will power 💦

Sweat occurs when the body overheats! It is the body’s way of regulating temperature. 

Toxins are also released when we sweat. This helps to de-bloat our bodies and unclog our arteries. 

Sweat is a concoction of salt, protein, urea and ammonia. 

Why is sweating good for you?

You may have heard of the term, ‘runners high’, the same feeling can occur in other sports such as the Thai kickboxing sessions we hold at ProTom fitness – This is down to sweating and in doing so, inducing a release of endorphins!

There is even research suggesting those who are fitter will sweat sooner and more profusely than those who are not.

So, the rate at which you sweat truly is a genuine sign of your will-power. Isn’t that interesting! 

With that said, please do not be disappointed if you have a minimal sweat workout. 

A minimal sweat workout is not necessarily a sign that you need to train harder. 

Your sweat may evaporate faster than you can notice! 

Synthetic, quick-dry fabrics such as lycra soak up sweat very quickly.

It is also worth mentioning that some people do not sweat very much. Everyone is different!