FREE Digital training platforms

4 Core fitness, our sister company, is our current digital training platform provider!

Originally, 4 Core fitness provided a popular online service to those who preferred guided training from home.

Due to COVID-19 and people worldwide going into isolation, 4 Core decided to make their online training service FREE to anyone, anywhere for 4 weeks. (RRP £40)

Routine is important. So, as well as sharing our online training with the world, 4 Core began live streaming their usual training sessions.

Almost 40 people trained live on Friday 20th March 2020!

Were you one of those participants?

This was the first of its kind for 4 Core fitness!

It was a huge success.

Many session types are now running multiple times daily. Unless its a specific class (eg. a medicine ball session) you won’t even require any exercise tools! The video is extremely clear and the instructions are easy to follow.

Everyone worked up a good sweat!

Some of our clients may have even preferred taking the class digitally.

As well as group sessions, we are now providing 1 hour 1:1 personal training online for half price (£25).

ProTom fitness is even focusing on adapting our Thai kickboxing sessions into combinations you can practise from the comfort of your own home.

Join us to learn some great moves and keep active.

Our trainers video session will be recorded (Don’t worry, you don’t be recorded) and you will have access to rewatch it for 7 days after broadcasting.

Ensure you are signed up to receive our emails if you would like to know when the next session is on.

Many thanks.

Check out the instructions below for how to get involved!


  1. Please sign up to Zoom at least 10 minutes before the session starts by clicking though to our Free Training Resource page HERE.
  2. Save the Free Training Resource page to your favourites tab for easy access!
  3. You will need to verify your account using your email.
  4. It is not required that you go on video camera! But doing so would increase the group aspect of the session! Do what makes you comfortable.
  5. Please ensure you have an exercise space set up!


  1. Swipe right and then double tap on your trainers video to pin his screen.
  2. Your trainer will mute everyone in the session other than themselves so that his voice is the only voice heard. Please do not unmute yourself.
  3. Put your own music, keep an eye on the screen for visual and verbal instruction from your and have fun!
  4. During recovery your trainer will ask if you have any questions. Please type any questions to Tom in the chat and he will answer them
  5. We are trialing online workouts. Todays session will be free. If there are any faults please let us know as early as you can.

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