Building solid shoulder and core strength

We are a group of Personal Trainers interested in helping people improve body function. In particular, we love the steel mace!

The steel mace is a great tool for building solid shoulder and core strength and mobility through a huge variety of multi-planar exercises. The only limitation is your imagination! 

We received feedback from several clients stating that regular controlled use of the steel mace has helped them overcome chronic back pain issues that they have suffered from for years. 

Training using the mace effectively involves a considerable amount of core strength through all three planes of movement (especially the transverse (rotational) plane).

Building core muscle through all three planes of movement provides a solid support for the lumbar spine and helps to prevent back pain… especially lower back pain! 

Let’s consider standard gym routines. 

It is rare that many exercises (if any) will involve multi-planar movement!

It is even more rare to see exercises that move out of either a frontal or sagittal plane of movement… Maybe a few ‘complex’ exercises will challenge frontal and sagittal planes simultaneously or consecutively and you might also see a couple of transverse plane core exercises at the end of a session.

With the mace, most exercises (especially flows) will challenge through all 3 planes of movements. This is why we love the steel mace (and kettlebells)!

Coordination is key, full body concentration and connection is key and core activation is key. 

Not only is the steel mace great for reasons stated above. It is also incredibly fun! Using this tool is a skill and when a flow is performed well, it is almost a form of art! 

The video shared in this post is a great example of how the steel mace can be used to perform challenging, complex (and fun!) multi-planar movements. 

Tom, our head trainer, performs a flow which involves single hand to double hand 360 swings. This is a seriously difficult and technical exercise even with a light steel mace so please don’t try this as a first time exercise! 

If you would like to train with the steel mace and need some expert guidance or have any fitness-related queries, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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